WPI’s Massachusetts Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi Initiates Nearly 50 New Members


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A large group of students, with a few faculty members, sits in rows of seats in an auditorium

New Members of Tau Beta Pi

WPI’s Massachusetts Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi recently initiated 47 new students—and two Eminent Engineers—into the honor society.

Tau Beta Pi is the only engineering honor society representing the entire engineering profession. It is the nation's second-oldest honor society, founded at Lehigh University in 1885 to mark, in a fitting manner, those who have conferred honor upon their alma mater by distinguished scholarship and exemplary character as students in engineering or by their attainments as alumni in the field of engineering, and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in engineering colleges. There are now collegiate chapters at 255 US colleges and universities and 50 active alumni chapters.

WPI’s Massachusetts Alpha Chapter was established in 1910 and is the oldest honor society on campus.  It recognizes junior engineering students who are in the top 12.5% of their class, senior engineering students who are in the 20% of their class, and distinguished engineering graduate students, alumni, and engineers who are eminent in their field.

New members include  Rick Brown, Professor and Department Head of Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Sarah Wodin-Schwarz, Associate Professor of Teaching and Associate Department Head of Mechanical & Materials Engineering, along with the following students, listed by class and major:

Class of 2024

  • Priyankha Sunil, BME
  • Adrianna Louise Tagayun, CHE
  • Natalie Gonthier, ME
  • Rowan Mattox, ME (Masters)
  • Nikita Igoshin, ME
  • Keelan Smith, ME
  • Stephanie Steriti, ME
  • Oleg Russu, RBE (Masters)
  • Rene Verduzco, RBE (Masters)

Class of 2025

  • Priyal Anand, BME
  • Ketterra Johnson, BME
  • Geethika Chandragiri, CE
  • Stephanie Dean, CE
  • Lucas Anthony, CHE
  • Adelyn Fisher, CHE
  • Rachel Gealow, CHE
  • Roberto Sabater, ECE
  • Adam Spencer, ECE
  • Melissa Hasbrouck, ME
  • Nicholas Healy, ME
  • Kathryn Juliuson, ME
  • Olivia Dunn, MGE
  • Amy Conley, RBE
  • Nikesh Walling, RBE
  • Cole Welcher, RBE

Class of 2026

  • Emily Herrera, AE
  • Catalina Mudgett, AE
  • Colby O’Connell, AE
  • Ryan Smith, AE
  • Bailey Allmon, BME
  • Delina Chavez, BME
  • Benjamin Petrich, BME
  • Aidan Flanagan, CE
  • Alexander Sheehey, CE
  • Andrea Wu, CE
  • Victoria Escuer, IE
  • Grace Henderson, ME
  • Cullen Jacene, ME
  • Griffin Melia, ME
  • Galen Miller, ME
  • Alana Moretti, ME
  • Jack Shanks, ME
  • Nikhil Gangaram, RBE
  • Pranav Jain, RBE
  • Christian Piper, RBE

Class of 2029

  • Daniel McArthur Sehar, MME, PhD
  • Celso do Cabo, ME, PhD

Tau Beta Pi. Integrity and Excellence in Engineering.