The following message was sent on March 19, 2024 to all employees from Lauren Turner, VP Talent & Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer.


Dear Colleagues. 

I am reaching out to inform you about important updates regarding our Staff Performance Management Program. 

Talent & Inclusion has initiated a collaborative effort by forming a Staff Performance Review Task Force to review WPI’s performance review process and provide recommendations for improvement. The Task Force is working to ensure this important process is more efficient and effective, accurately documents performance and goals, and is overall more engaging for both managers and staff.

As part of this effort, we are working closely with stakeholders to gather feedback via focus groups and other outreach. This collaborative approach will help to ensure that the diverse needs and perspectives of our staff are considered and addressed in the proposed enhancements. Your input is crucial, and we encourage you to reach out to any task force member with suggestions or questions.

Our review and improvement plan includes two phases:

  • Phase 1 (FY24): Gathering feedback, simplifying the process, improving communication delivery, aligning review forms, and reducing redundancies in competencies. 
    • This adjustment means that we will start the review cycle a bit later than usual. We will keep you updated on the timing.
  • Phase 2 (FY25): Continuing to gather feedback with a main focus on enhancing training, increasing regular employee/manager feedback throughout the year, and updating Workday functionalities to facilitate the performance management process.

We are committed to making these enhancements beneficial and seamless for everyone. Your understanding and participation are key to our success. For any inquiries or feedback, please feel free to contact me, James De León, your Talent Strategy Partner, or a member of the task force, whose names are listed below.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to excellence at WPI. We’re excited to be doing this work and are confident that changes we implement will improve the employee and manager experience with the performance review process.


Staff Performance Review Task Force Members

Lusine Baghsarian   Executive Assistant, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Hilary Clark   Associate Vice President, Talent Operations
James De Leon   Director, Talent Development
Diane Dubois   Library Operations Manager
Alison Duffy   Executive Director of Strategic Communications
Diana Fiorentino   Internal Communications Manager
Dana Harmon   Director, PE, Rec & Athletics
Kathryn Keyes   Director, Talent Strategies
Olga Klochkova   Associate Vice President, Finance & Operations
Rachel LeBlanc   Associate Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
Julie Loveless   Director of First Year Admissions
Nicole Luiz   Energy and Sustainability Manager
Jennifer McCarthy   Associate Registrar
Vijay Menta   Vice President for Information Technology and CIO
Rebecca Ouellette   Senior Director of Academic Operations
Kyle Siegel   Associate Vice President & Chief of Staff and Deputy Secretary of the Corporation
Christine Sharry   Assistant Dean of Students
Melissa Terrio   Executive Director, Graduate Admissions and Student Success
Lauren Turner   Senior Vice President of Talent & Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer