Wasteflowers Bloom on Library Walls


George C. Gordon Library



WasteFlowers are in bloom! Bursting from the blue wall on the Ground level of the Gordon Library, WasteFlowers is part of WasteWorks - a creative art practicum where students work together as a team in an effort to design and deploy interactive art installations on campus by reusing waste and recycled material. 

Crafting, electrical engineering, and overflowing creativity collide in this unique art exhibit newly installed at the end of D Term 2022 in the George C. Gordon Library.

WasteWorks  is a Humanities and Arts Practicum at WPI developed by Dan Schimmel, Artist-in-Residence in Humanities and Arts in the School of Arts & Sciences. WasteWorks combines traditional hand crafts and new technology in the WPI Maker Space to make socially relevant art out of trash. Using materials gleaned from WPI's waste stream, students created WasteFlowers - hybrid flower forms made from re-purposed campus waste and recycled materials students source from home!