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  • Student Health Services Moves to Daniels Hall
  • The Benefits of Strong Relationships
  • Building New Habits in the New Year 
  • WinterSession
  • February 1 Wellness Day
  • Feedback on the December 13 Wellness Day
  • Be Real Together
  • Upcoming Wellness Events

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Student Health Services (SHS) Has Moved!

While you were away, the WPI Student Health Services (SHS) team was busy moving into their new location in Daniels Hall, across from the Center for Well-Being. With eight new exam rooms and a comfortable waiting room, the SHS physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses can’t wait to welcome you! Call 508-831-5520 whenever you need to schedule a medical appointment. 


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The Benefits of Strong Relationships

Did you know that strong relationships are a key predictor of happiness, health, and longevity and can protect against stress and depression? ProjectConnect makes building relationships at WPI easy by expanding your social circle! This relaxed 6-session program helps you meet new people and have fun engaging in conversations with peers. For more info on session dates and to register, fill out this form


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Building New Habits in the New Year 

Does a fresh new year motivate you to build or strengthen healthy habits and routines? The CWB has three tips to help: 

  • First, start small with manageable, bite-sized actions. For example, if you want to exercise more, plan to walk for 15 minutes each day rather than go to the gym for an hour each day. As you build your exercise habit, you can expand on length and intensity. 
  • Second, focus on specific, measurable actions rather than outcomes. If you’d like to eat heathier, you might choose water rather than soda or have a salad most days for lunch.  

Finally, make it fun! Exercise with a friend or use an app to track your progress and reward yourself after your first week of success. Even better, choose a habit that brings more joy into your life, like visiting a new museum each week, discovering new music, or stopping into the CWB every day to enjoy the water wall.


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Imagine a space where everyone can explore, try, fail, and discover. We call that WinterSession! Explore all the wonders of WinterSession here.

February 1 Wellness Day 

Plans are already underway to coordinate our next Community and Wellness Day on February 1.  The theme is You are Enough! as February 1 is the first day of Black History Month. The community-wide event will feature Lisa Maddox, the Director of Business Development and Community Outreach at the Multicultural Wellness Center, on Multicultural Wellness from 10:00am to 11:30am. Please fill out this form by January 20th to let us know if you’d like to host or co-sponsor an event on the February 1 Wellness Day.

Feedback on the December 13 Wellness Day

Well-being is not one-size fits all, so let us know how Wellness Day has been for you. Which activities did you enjoy, which would like to see again, and what suggestions do you have for future Wellness Day activities? Please fill out the Wellness Day Feedback Form to share your thoughts.


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Community voices get real about mental health and well-being


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Community Voices Spotlight

"The world is a wide, amazing, and beautiful place. The resources at WPI--professors, friends, organizations, projects, and beyond--will help you explore this world if you let them. Jump in, don't be afraid. Stay curious. Stay teachable."

—Sam Levitan '24 Gompei's Guide to WPI page 28


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January 12

January 17

January 18

January 19

​​​January 21-22

  • WinterSession: Ballroom Dancing, Sushi Making, and Building your Digital Brand are only a few of the workshops happening over WinterSession weekend. See the complete list here.


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