The Business School

On Monday, February 22 the Business School at WPI hosted a Dog Therapy Day on campus, which was a huge success. Several staff and faculty brought in their pooches for some much-needed cuddling. Attending were Weimaraner Nellie, Sheltie Piper, an d pups Percy & Daisy to name a few. 

"All dogs are therapy dogs," said Norm Wilkinson, Executive Director of Programs.  "Giving students the opportunity to just sit with a dog for a bit during the end-of-term crunch helps lower the heart rate and provide some perspective. It was also nice to hear the students talking about their own pets at home, who we know they miss so much."

The entire campus was invited, and it appears the entire campus showed up! We may have even started a trend. A BioChemistry class earned a reward and the reward they chose….was for dogs to visit them on campus!

Here are some pictures of the afternoon.