WPI ITS-managed computers will be upgraded to the Windows 11 operating system during April - December 2024. If you have already upgraded to Windows 11, thank you for doing so and please disregard this message. 

ACTION NEEDED: ITS encourages you to take this opportunity to upgrade your ITS-managed device to Windows 11 at your convenience. Since Microsoft will end Windows 10 operating system support in 2025, all WPI ITS-managed computers will be upgraded to Windows 11 in phases. This upgrade has been piloted by ITS, and is necessary to ensure computers operate smoothly and securely, are capable of receiving updates, and can run ITS-supported software and applications. We anticipate completion by December 18, 2024. 


Phase 1: Spring 2024 

  • ITS provisions all new and re-imaged computers with Windows 11. 
  • Beginning April 1, 2024 Individuals are encouraged upgrade their WPI assigned/owned computer to Windows 11 at their convenience using instructions on the WPI Hub
  • Contact ITS regarding computers attached to instrumentation. Do not update these computers. 


Phase 2: Summer 2024 

  • Individuals continue self-service upgrades to Windows 11. 
  • ITS upgrades public campus computers in labs, classrooms and conference rooms to Windows 11. 


Phase 3: Fall 2024 

  • All remaining WPI ITS-managed computers must be upgraded to Windows 11 by December 18, 2024 in advance of Microsoft's end of Windows 10 support.  


Consultation: Please contact ITS for: 

  • Upgrade by ITS of shared computers not associated with an individual 
  • Computers connected to instrumentation. 
  • Consultation about upgrading a computer to the Windows 11 operating system, or have questions or concerns.