WPI Today
  • Winter Break is coming!  
  • Prep your space: close and lock windows, unplug stuff. 
  • Staying on campus? We have resources for you—plan ahead and ask for help. 
  • You'll need your WPI ID card to access academic and administrative buildings from December 23 to January 3.
  • Take COVID test kits home. Get extra kits from the vending machines and test before you go to gatherings and 24 hours before you come back to campus. 

Dear WPI Students, 

The semester is almost over, and we want to remind you of a few things before the winter break begins.  

Prep Your Space 

If you’re leaving campus, don’t forget to unplug unused appliances and close and lock your windows—pipes in residence halls (and apartments!) can freeze easily. If you live off campus, close your curtains to discourage break-ins. You might want to empty the fridge, too, and do something about your plants.  

Residence halls close Saturday, December 17 at 5pm. If you need to be here over break, read the closing newsletter you received from the Housing & Residential Experience Center or email

Support for those Staying on Campus/Locally 

For students experiencing food insecurity—whether over the break or at any time during the year—we have several options to help. Contact now, before break, to arrange for support. (Plan ahead—many offices are closed from December 23 to January 2.) Additionally, Flourish at Thrive Food Pantry, located at 100 Grove Street, is open to WPI students and neighboring residents. 

WPI is a caring community and has emergency financial help available for those in need. The Dean of Students website provides information about emergency funds and other resources. Most importantly, ask for help.  

Be Wise About COVID—and Flu 

COVID and flu can cause very serious illness in your old and very young family and friends, and anyone with certain health conditions. Help protect them (and yourself!) as you gather with them over break.  

  • Take two test kits with you when you leave campus for the break: Pick up kits from the vending machines. (Allotments have been increased to allow everyone to take extra kits over break.)  You can also pick up tests at the mailroom in the Campus Center.
    • Note: The FDA has determined that the expiration date printed on iHealth test kits can safely be extended 6 to 12 months. You can check your test kit date here.    
  • Plan to test 24 hours before returning to campus for C-Term. WPI is not currently requiring everyone to test before returning to campus in January, but we are strongly encouraging testing to help the semester start smoothly.  
    • If you test positive, complete the Positive Case Form, which helps us track COVID in our community. Stay home and follow the instructions here.   
  • Protect others: Consider testing before seeing friends or family who have health concerns and wear a mask when you attend gatherings over break. 
  • Get vaccinated against COVID and flu. While vaccines do not always prevent transmission of the virus —they do help to protect you and your loved ones, especially those with health conditions, against severe illness.  

We sincerely hope you spend some time over break connecting with friends and family both on and off campus. We look forward to seeing you in January!  

Happy Holidays!