Enterprise Transformation

It's been 4 weeks since the launch of Workday and at times it's felt like putting on a pair of skis for the first time and going down the expert trail. Thank you for holding on tight and sticking with us. The initial avalanche of tickets (all of them with excellent bunny trail runs there) mostly concerned getting people correctly aligned in the organization and recruiting/hiring, so our Talent & Inclusion colleagues are almost dug out. We all appreciate your patience. Some days it feels like this project has touched and changed almost everything we do, and that is daunting for everyone.

We will continue introductory training to Workday, but we are currently focusing on a blend of "bring us anything" drop-in sessions and topic-focused Q&A sessions. For the drop-in sessions, you don't have to bring specific questions or work that you're doing -- just come talk to us, in general. We introduced a ton of material all at once, so if you're not sure if you're pointed uphill or down, don't worry about it. We can look at your personal Workday landscape with you and figure out next steps. We've been told the Q&As are really helpful because others may bring up questions you didn't know you also had. Again, we're here to listen and we can figure it out together. Our Finance and T&I colleagues have generously participated in these sessions to ensure they make good use of your time. We're also happy to do small group sessions, department meetings, 1:1, phone calls -- let us know what will help.

Next week (10/29 - 11/2), by request, we have several sessions at Gateway:

  • Expense Reports / Reconciling PCards 
  • Buy & Pay 
  • 2 Finance Q & A 
  • Drop-in 

We also have scheduled on the main campus:

  • 5 Drop-in sessions
  • Budget Q & A 

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