Workday: Proxy vs. Delegate and Approvals


Enterprise Transformation

In Banner, you can choose others to be your proxy, including people who report to you, allowing them to  act on your behalf.

In Workday, for a chosen time period, you can delegate responsibilities to someone who is on the same or higher level in the org chart. For example, if you go on vacation, you can have a "peer or superior" (Workday terms) in the org chart take action on items in your Workday Inbox, approving timesheets or financial transactions like invoices and requisitions.

Managers are responsible for approving the timesheets, time off requests, and expense reports for their staff, but there are other roles to accommodate the work of the department. For example, the "timekeeper" role could approve timesheets for student workers. The Cost Center Manager is the person in a department responsible for budget and who approves transactions, but someone in the Cost Center Analyst role can view and advise on the budget. 

As the configuration of approvals in Workday settles, we will add flowcharts to illustrate the process. 


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