Enterprise Transformation

Surprise! A break in the Workday communication to talk about EPAFs. 

  1. Beginning immediately, when you fill out an EPAF, we are asking that you add the Banner ID of the supervisor of the person being hired. This will help us when we migrate this information from Banner to Workday.  A cheatsheet walks you through the process. To summarize, in Banner, when you go to the New EPAF form, you can do a person lookup to get the supervisor’s Banner ID. When you fill out the EPAF, you’ll see a new (required!) field for the Supervisor ID. 

  1. EPAFs will be replaced by the Recruiting/Hire process in Workday. We will have more information about this process soon.  

  1. It would be helpful if you could submit as many EPAFs as possible by Monday, August 20. You can still submit EPAFs after this time. We will let you know when you should stop doing EPAFs in Banner. 


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