Workday: Translate FOAPALs into Budget "Worktags"


Enterprise Transformation

If you’d like to see how FOAPALs map to Workday tags, open Banner, and from the main Banner screen, choose Workday FOAPAL lookup

Enter one or more parts of the FOAPAL to see the corresponding Workday worktags (budget attribute). For example, enter the grant # or the organization #. Notice that the Banner FOAPAL results are indicated by Bnr in the column header.  

To fill in Workday worktags, you don’t need to enter the entire string. For example, if you enter grant, gift, cost center, designeer, or student organziation, the related worktags appear. 

If you are looking for Activity codes that are no longer available, consider using the Memo field in Workday for notations about the transaction.  


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