WPI Alumni Committed to Environmental Sustainability



WPI’s two towers, Boynton Hall and Washburn Shops stand as symbols of the university’s commitment to theory and practice, but it is beyond these two towers that WPI’s most celebrated third tower—impact, is realized. Brendan Gove ’11 is yet another example of WPI alumni using theory and practice to have a positive impact on the world. With a commitment to making the world a better, safer, more humane place, Gove founded Zero-Point Development in 2013 to deliver renewable power solutions and Goventure Capital Group in 2018 to find cost-effective ways to introduce renewable energy technologies to real estate investments.

With a BS/MS in mechanical engineering, the former WPI Football captain and current WPI Tech Advisors Network (TAN) member credits his WPI education with giving him the tools he needed to make a positive impact on the world. Firstly, he offers WPI’s tenet of relying on data-driven decisions develops engineers who are prepared to deal with real-world challenges. Gove shared, “WPI’s curriculum has an incredible ability to teach young professionals how to solve complex problems. I feel the foundation of my professional success comes from my ability to understand the scope of a problem, identify what I don’t know, and figure out each unknown until the problem is solved.” 

“I feel a duty and responsibility to help solve a problem I know I have a solution for; I have been given tools to provide a product that helps humanity, and I feel an obligation to do everything in my power to deliver that product.”

- Brendan Gove ‘11

Secondly, Gove recognizes how the school’s integration of entrepreneurial principles across the curriculum nurtures the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset of its students. He noted the idea of starting a renewable power solutions company was actually born during Professor Shari Worthington’s graduate class in entrepreneurship, sharing also that he still uses the amortization schedule template from the class for his company.

WPI sends a message of gratitude to Gove and his teams—which include Harold Reader ’11, Peter Forte ‘11 and Michael McGoff ’20. Thank you for using your WPI education and entrepreneurial spirit to improve the human condition.