WPI Launches Bias Response Program

WPI Establishes Bias Response Program 

WPI is committed to creating an equitable, inclusive, and anti-oppressive community where all are valued and respected as intrinsic members of the community. As part of our work to develop a campus culture that rejects bias, prejudice, discrimination, and hateful acts, WPI has established this Bias Response Program

The Bias Response Program (BRP) aims to foster an inclusive campus culture at WPI by addressing individual and community-wide incidents of bias. BRP provides support for individuals looking to better understand their reporting options, serves as a resource and measure of accountability to formal reporting channels, and advocates for individuals who may not be comfortable pursuing formal reporting channels. Additionally, the BRP will serve as a means of data gathering and assessment on patterns and trends of bias to mitigate the pervasive effects and recurrence of bias on campus.

This work will be led by the Bias Response Team (BRT) co-chaired by Rame Hanna, Director of Diversity and Inclusive Excellence, and Casey Wall, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Residential Services. The BRT is made up of ten additional staff and faculty members from across campus, offering their time, knowledge, and expertise to this very important work. A Bias Advisory Council (BAC) has also been formed to provide recommendations to the President on community-wide incidents/impacts of bias.

As a university working toward eliminating bias incidents in our community, we cannot just say we do not accept bias; we must also actively work to address individual and community-wide bias incidents on our campus.

To help us meet these goals, the BRP is centered around four cornerstones:

  • Response and Referral
  • Advocacy and Accountability
  • Data and Assessment
  • Education and Impact

The Bias Response Program reflects the university’s commitment to sustainable inclusive excellence and blending diversity, equity, and inclusion into the full fabric of the institution. To establish a culture where all feel a sense of belonging, we must all play an active role in creating change.

To learn more visit: https://www.wpi.edu/about/diversity-inclusion/bias-response-program.