WPI Leads Multi-University Team Pursuing Innovative Research for 5G



WPI is leading a multi-university research effort to develop a real-time proof-of-concept framework design to passively obtain position and velocity information operating on the road by leveraging their wireless emissions using the surrounding 5G network infrastructure. Supported via a research contract from Verizon, a team of researchers from WPI, University of Massachusetts Lowell, and University of New Hampshire led by Alexander Wyglinsk, WPI Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, this group of faculty and graduate students are leveraging the latest techniques from wireless communications, radio frequency propagation, vehicular traffic flow modeling and characterization, and data fusion to devise an innovative framework that can accurately locate moving vehicles on the road based entirely using 5G base stations and without any GPS information.  The 10-month sponsored effort can revolutionize how vehicles are localized in environments such as city streets and highways, which can greatly help the future of applications such as autonomous vehicles and smart roadways.