WPI Police Parking Advisory for September 30th.


WPI Police

On Saturday, September 30, 2017 WPI will be hosting an Open House.  As a result the Park Avenue Garage will be closed to employees and students until 11:00AM.

The following parking lots will still be available:

  • Schussler Lot - (residential lot)
  • Institute Lot - (residential lot)
  • Boynton St. Lot - (employees, student commuters & visitors)
  • Hackfeld Lot - (employees, residential, & commuter students)
  • Einhorn Lot - (residential lot)
  • Dean St. Lot - (residential students)
  • 22 Dean St. Lot (residential students)
  • Park Ave Garage (Employees, Student Commuters & Visitors) After 11:00AM
  • West St. Lot - (employees, student commuters & visitors)
  • Higgins House Lot – (employees, student commuters & visitors)
  • Lancaster Lot - (residential students, employees & student commuters)

WPI will be seeking parking consideration on Institute Road from West Street to Park Avenue 7:00AM– 5:00PM 

  Your cooperation for this important endeavor is greatly appreciated.