WPI’s Helping Herd: Bill Spratt


The Helping Herd series spotlights those who are going above and beyond to support the WPI community in these unprecedented times. Our second Helping Herd honoree is Bill Spratt, director of Facilities Operations. Bill was nominated by Eric Beattie, vice president for Campus Planning and Facilities Management; and Olga Klochkova, director of Financial Planning and Analysis.

Eric Beattie says:

“Bill willingly joined the Coronavirus Emergency Response Team (CERT) group at the very beginning and has chaired and served on multiple committees to help figure out how to adapt to this crisis and keep WPI functioning and strong. He has also guided the adjustments to the Facilities team to develop the emergency response team to clean, maintain, and protect the WPI campus.”

Olga Klochkova says:

"Bill has been incredibly dedicated and responsive to our community needs, readily adapting to the new environment and change we are in the midst of, and helpful to all around him in regards to existing tasks and new initiatives. He's been working non-stop to get campus ready to temporarily shut down during Covid-19 and I'm certain will work non-stop to get it back ready for reopening. At the same time, he has participated in a few new initiatives, like WPI Forward. And all of that with no stress expressed, and a smile on his face. So thankful to have him on our team. THANK YOU BILL FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO FOR THE WPI COMMUNITY!"

Is there someone you'd like to nominate for the Helping Herd? Tell us about them today!