WPI Teacher Preparation Program Welcomes New Teacher Candidates


STEM Education Center

The Teacher Preparation Program (TPP) was proud to welcome 9 new teacher candidates to our program at a welcome session and induction ceremony held Wednesday, January 31 at Higgins House. The students participated in cohort-building activities and celebrated their acceptance into the program with a candle ceremony and cake.

During the candle ceremony, faculty and staff of the STEM Education Center, along with juniors and seniors in the pipeline to teaching, spoke about the role of the teacher in sparking the flame of curiosity while continuing to fan the flames of equitable access to STEM education. 

We are currently seeking first and second-year students interested in pursuing teacher licensure at the secondary level (grades 8-12) in a STEM field alongside their undergraduate degree.


legacy inductees

Pictured: Legacy inductees Genesis Bernabel (seeking licensure in Physics), Ally Morin (Chemistry), Regina Valencia (Technology/Engineering), Joelis Velez Diaz (Chemistry), missing from photo Aaron Lowy (Mathematics). We are glad to finally get to welcome you!


spring '23 inductees

Pictured: Spring 2023 inductees Jacob Kinkead ‘26 (Physics), Grady Howell ‘26 (Physics), Vaansh Mansharamani ‘26 (Technology/Engineering), Olivia Jones ‘26 (Mathematics), Jesse Drozd ‘26 (Chemistry), missing from photo Taras Pylypenko ’26 (Technology/Engineering). Welcome to the program!


fall '23 inductees

Pictured: Formerly inducted Fall 2023 teacher candidates Lucas Dion ‘26 (Technology/Engineering), Wilson Gramer ‘26 (Technology/Engineering), Samantha Simmons ‘26 (Mathematics), Jake Maglio ‘25 (Physics), Christian Rua ‘25 (Technology/Engineering).


more fall '23 inductees

Pictured: Fall 2023 inductees into the Teacher Preparation Program. Alexandre Deleage ‘27, Sarah Roberge ‘26, and Evelyn Hubbard ‘27 who all plan to pursue licensure in high-school mathematics. Welcome to the program!