Xi Lui and Ye Wang Takes First Place in the Inaugural Women in Data Science Datathon


Data Science

To the Greater WPI DS Community,

​We are so happy to announce that Xi Lui and Ye Wang, two students from the WPI

Data Science Program, won the FIRST PRIZE in the inaugural WiDS Datathon, 2018.

​​What a great accomplishment! You are amazing data scientists!​

The WiDS Datathon is a joint effort between the Institute for Computational & Mathematical

Engineering at Stanford University, CA, Kaggle (a Google company), IntuitWest Big Data Innovation Hub,

and InterMedia, a grant recipient of the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, in their Financial

Services for the Poor program.

The WiDS Datathon participants worked in teams of 1-4 members, at least half of whom were women.

There were more than 1160 registrants, with 231 teams representing more than 26 countries. Teams

wrangled 45,000 lines of data to build machine learning and statistical models to predict the gender for

each line of data. The WiDS Datathon used a dataset collected by InterMedia and focused on

understanding how women in India use financial and mobile financial services. 


Please see the ​ WiDS Datathon Press Release ​, which quotes Xi for the WiDS Datathon Event. 

Xi and Ye, our Minions, you have made us so proud,


On behalf of  WPI Data Science program.

WiDS Datathon Press Release

WiDS Conference​ at Stanford