Award Winning Robot Designer Returns to WPI

BattleBots Champion Paul Ventimiglia ’12 will share highlights of his nationally televised victory. More than 200 students, faculty, and supporters are expected to attend.
September 02, 2015

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WPI Celebration for 2015 BattleBots Champion Paul Ventimiglia


Hosted by WPI's Robotics Engineering Program faculty; attended by interested students, faculty, alumni, and supporters


Tuesday, Sept. 8, 8 to 9 p.m.


Rubin Campus Center, 3rd floor, WPI

More Information

Team Bite Force, led by Ventimiglia, won first place on BattleBots, a nationally televised competition in which robots are designed and operated to ultimately be the strongest machine left standing. Bite Force beat out 24 other teams in the show’s six-week series this summer on ABC. WPI was the top sponsor of the winning team. In addition to Ventimiglia, the team included Jeremiah Jinno, a 2007 WPI graduate in electrical and computer engineering. Jinno will also be participating in the Sept. 8 event.

The 250-pound Bite Force BattleBot, replete with its battle scars from defeating the number one seeded Tombstone in the finals round, will be safely demonstrated in the campus center. Ventimiglia will discuss his design and strategy for winning this competition. There will be time for a question and answer session after the presentation.

Additional Media Availability

Tuesday, Sept. 8, 5 to 6 p.m.

Please contact Colleen Wamback ( to schedule an interview with Paul Ventimiglia and other members of WPI’s Robotics Engineering Program.

Look here for more information about BattleBots and here for more information about Paul Ventimiglia.