Annual Music and Science Practicum Performance

Monday, May 1, 2023
11:00 am to 12:00 pm
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Lower level

Taking a coffee break at 11 this Monday? Curious about the catalysing impact of science on music - and music on science? Do join us for our annual Music and Science Practicum Performance in Campus Center this Monday!

From the students:

WPI Science Symphony 11am, 5/1 Campus Center, lower floor

Our thrilling multimedia show consists of collaborative  musical works based on science data - as part of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Music and Science Practicum with Prof. David Ibbett.

The projects are all based on the concept of “sonification”, which is the use of audio to convey information and perceptualize data. They all aim to complement the understanding a concept through the lens of music, connecting the conscious interpretation of information processing to the subconscious emotional understanding imparted by song. Groups have sonified datasets from a diversity of interesting topics, such as microtubules, four-bar linkages, and even FPS games.

Join us to experience the sound of science!



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David Ibbett