Food for Thought: Research Ethics @WPI

Tuesday, February 7, 2023
12:00 pm to 1:30 pm
Floor/Room #
Hagglund Room

While ethics is a universal outcome for all students at WPI, the application of ethics is situational, developed in response to the needs of the research project, the technologies that mediate those research projects, and the people or stakeholders engaged. Our one institutional evaluative body—the IRB—uses a committee to think through the approval process of research, yet emerging technologies (from AI to gene editing to robotics) and cross-cultural research (e.g., IQP research) have highlighted the need to rethink research ethics pedagogy. Please join us for a panel discussion on the ethics of / in undergraduate and graduate research. WPI’s 2022-23 'Research Ethics’ Professional Learning Community (Shamsnaz Bhada (ECE), Jennifer deWinter (HUA/IMGD), Ruth McKeogh (DIGS), Sarah Riddick (HUA), Gillian Smith (CS/IMGD), Sarah Stanlick (DIGS), Yunus Telliel (HUA)) will share their ongoing projects as part of this panel. Their presentations will be followed by an open forum on teaching and learning ‘research ethics’ at WPI.

It's understood that some may need to leave early for 1pm commitments. All are welcome to attend, even without advance registration. However, lunch will be ordered only for those who register at least 3 business days in advance. Please bring your own lunch if you did not register by the deadline. To help us manage our food budget and lessen food waste, please do not register for lunch unless you are certain you will attend (barring illness and other unexpected events).  


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