Meet the Author: Shakespeare Scholar and Writer Michelle Ephraim

Wednesday, April 3, 2024
3:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Floor/Room #
Great Hall

In the final event of Gordon Library’s 23-24 Meet the Author series of informal opportunities to meet and hear from our WPI faculty authors, writer and Shakespeare scholar Prof. Michelle Ephraim will be joined by Dean John McNeill for a conversation about her award-winning memoir, GREEN WORLD: A Tragicomic Memoir of Love & Shakespeare

Green World is a love story unlike any other, and not just because one of the principals died four hundred years ago. Michelle Ephraim’s poignant memoir of discovering Shakespeare—and herself—is also an unsparing family portrait and a profound meditation on loss. To read it is to remember why you fell for books in the first place.”

—Andrew Ridker, author of The Altruists and Hope, a New Yorker Best Book of 2023


Green World: book cover

Green World

You can learn more about Ephraim's work and its reception on her website.

Please mark your calendars today, and join us from 3-4 pm on Wednesday, April 3. Coffee, cookies, and other Kosher light refreshments will be served. 

“I don’t know much about Shakespeare, but Michelle Ephraim’s gorgeously written and deeply personal Green World made me feel like I just had a crash course in the power of both his storytelling and hers. Ephraim’s tales of her parents, her coming of age, and especially her career in academia are not only highly entertaining, but also incredibly moving and relatable. This is a beautiful look into a sometimes complicated, but always thoughtful and loving life of a mom, wife, daughter, Gen Xer, professor, and scholar.”

—Wendi Aarons, author of I’m Wearing Tunics Now

Copies of Green World may be ordered from the University of Massachusetts Press, from Amazon, or from your local booksellers, and the author will be available to sign books immediately after the event. 

Accepted WPI students for the Class of 2028 and their families are warmly invited to join this event.

The Gordon Library is grateful to the Worcester Jewish Community Center (JCC), whose Arts & Culture  program is co-sponsoring this event. We invite attendees to explore the many contributions that the JCC makes to the Worcester community.



Michelle Ephraim (photo portrait)

Michelle Ephraim


Dean John McNeill (photo portrait)

John McNeill






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