Mobility Injustice, Explorations of Mobility Injustice by Design

Wednesday, March 22, 2023
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
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Ole B. Jensen will explore the relationship between mobility, injustice, and design! The definitions and relationships between these key terms are at the forefront, with shorter empirical vignettes illustrating three empirical themes of concern. The designed and ‘made’ human habitats of mobilities with critical questions related to; who counts as passengers? Who has the right to move? Who has access? Who is prevented from moving, and where? All with the intent to show how informed design choices are shaping the material conditions of human life in diverse areas such as homeless street-sleepers, physically disabled and cognitively impaired people, and aging citizens. How is mobility justice at risk? How does the social exclusion of vulnerable groups (homeless and street-sleepers) takes place by installation of metal spikes, leaning benches, and others material interventions? These prevent street-sleepers from taking rest, but also lead to changed mobility patterns as they seek shelter ‘elsewhere’ in an urban mosaic of ‘go and no-go areas’ (Jensen 2019). 

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