WPI's Interactive Media & Game Development Program Highlighted by the Christian Science Monitor

March 19, 2012

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An article about the extraordinary growth and societal impact of the video game industry, from the March 19, 2012, Christian Science Monitor magazine, focused significantly on WPI's Interactive Media & Game Development (IMGD) program.

WPI is home to one of the nation's earliest academic programs focused on this exploding field; IMGD is a distinctive program that provides a dual emphasis on the artistic and technical aspects of game design. WPI’s program also benefits from strong connections to the game industry.

In the article, writer Robert Lehrman talks to Brian Moriarty, a game industry veteran and professor of practice in the IMGD program, and Dean O'Donnell, instructor in theatre and IMGD, about the challenge of preparing students for an industry that is constantly evolving and about the debate (initiated by film critic Roger Ebert) about whether or not computer games are art forms.

Lehrman also talked to several IMGD students- hailing from Wisconsin, Virginia, and Connecticut- about their project work, their career plans, and their thoughts about the state of the art in video games.