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April 10, 2007


Henry Lee, the internationally recognized forensic scientist who assisted in the murder investigations of Nicole Brown Simpson and Jon Benet Ramsey, among others, will speak at a colloquium sponsored by Worcester Polytechnic Institute's (WPI) Chemistry and Biochemistry Department.

In the colloquium, "Famous Cases Revisited," Lee, chief emeritus of the Connecticut State Forensic Laboratory and a WPI honorary degree recipient, will describe the concepts of justice through science, recent advances in forensic science, and the re-examination of some famous cases through new forensic techniques. The famous cases to be discussed are: the assassination of President John F. Kennedy; Vincent Forster's death; the Taiwan president shooting case; the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson Laci Peterson, and Jon Benet Ramsey; Elizabeth Smart's kidnapping; and George Smith's disappearance. The objective of Lee's presentation will not be to convince the audience of the validity of one theory versus another, but rather to clarify for skeptics and cynics some issues related to these cases. In addition, new developments and the new forensic techniques that can now be used in the investigation of such cases will be discussed.

Lee is also director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Forensic Research and Training Center and a Distinguished Professor at the University of New Haven.


Wednesday, April 11

4 p.m.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Salisbury Laboratories, Room 115

100 Institute Road

Worcester, Mass.