Emmanuel O. Agu
  • Professor Computer Science
Professor Agu's research interests are in the areas of computer graphics, mobile computing, and wireless networks. He is especially interested in research into how to use a smartphone as a platform to deliver better healthcare. ... Read more
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Joseph Aguilar
  • Assistant Professor of Teaching Humanities & Arts
Professor Aguilar's teaching and research interests include fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, folklore, science fiction, and the contemporary American novel. ... Read more
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Leonard D. Albano
  • Associate Professor Civil, Environmental, & Architectural Engineering
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Christina Mary Bailey-Hytholt
  • Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering
Professor Bailey-Hytholt's research is focused on areas that include biomaterials, drug and gene delivery, and diagnostics. ... Read more
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Marja Bakermans
Marja Bakermans
  • Associate Teaching Professor The Global School
The goal of Professor Bakermans' research program is to promote the conservation of biodiversity by maintaining viable wildlife populations across the landscape. ... Read more
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Scott D Barton
  • Associate Professor Humanities & Arts
Professor Barton composes and performs electro acoustic music, designs and builds robots, and conducts psychological research. ... Read more
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Frederick Bianchi
Frederick W. Bianchi
  • Professor Humanities & Arts
Professor Bianchi works in the area of music technology. As the director of music technology research, Bianchi works with students from all disciplines. His particular focus is Virtual Orchestra technology and multichannel sound design. ... Read more
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Kristen Billiar
  • Professor and Department Head Biomedical Engineering
Professor Billiar studies the mechanisms by which mechanical forces regulate the development and healing of connective tissues and the pathogenesis of disease is becoming one of the foremost problems at the intersection of biomechanics and cell biology. ... Read more
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John J. Blandino
  • Associate Professor Aerospace Engineering
Professor Blandino conducts research in electric propulsion for spacecraft and performs analysis of more challenging missions that are enabled by this technology. ... Read more
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