Experts on community engaged learning

Kristin Boudreau
  • Humanities & Arts
Professor Boudreau's research in literature, culture, and education is unified by broad concerns for justice, inclusion, and social progress. ... View Profile
Chrys Demetry
  • Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Much of Professor Demetry's work pertains to women and girls in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). ... View Profile
Michael B. Elmes
  • The Business School
Professor Elmes researches self-leadership and individual development, organizational change and transformation, sensemaking in organizations, social Innovation and food systems, economic inequality, and leadership ethics. ... View Profile
Peter H. Hansen
  • Humanities & Arts
In addition to being a professor of history, Professor Hansen is the Director of International and Global Studies at WPI. ... View Profile
Image of Professor Pfeifer smiling in the woods
Geoffrey Pfeifer
  • The Global School
Professor Pfeifer’s research focus in philosophy is on contemporary continental philosophy, social and political philosophy, global justice, and development ethics. ... View Profile
Carolina Ruiz
  • Computer Science
Professor Ruiz's research interests are in machine learning, artificial intelligence and data mining. ... View Profile
Elisabeth Anne Stoddard
  • The Global School
Professor Stoddard is a human-environment geographer who is interested in the intersection of nature, society, and social justice. ... View Profile