Experts on computer programming

Computer programming is a discipline within computer science that involves writing sets of instructions, known as code, that enable computers to complete tasks. Computer programmers can choose from a wide array of programming languages, some of which are designed for general use and others of which tailored for specific applications, such as artificial intelligence or robotics. WPI’s experts on computer programming reflect the diversity of ways that computer programming plays an essential role in science and technology; for example, they have used computer programming to create virtual robots for a NASA competition; they’ve used machine learning and other tools of artificial intelligence to screen voice recordings to detect signs of depression; and they have written programs to control an ultrasound device that can detect symptoms of COVID-19.

Cagdas Onal
  • Associate Professor Robotics Engineering
Professor Onal conducts research in soft robotics, a largely underexplored area of robotics that has significance in medicine, manufacturing, and disaster response. ... View Profile
Carlo Pinciroli
  • Associate Professor/Graduate Coordinator Robotics Engineering
Professor Pinciroli's research focuses on designing innovative tools for swarm robotics. ... View Profile
Elke A. Rundensteiner
  • Professor, Computer Science, Program Head, Data Science Computer Science
Professor Rundensteiner's research focuses on how to make use of data and information in an effective manner, towards achieving goals in business, scientific discovery, and digital health. ... View Profile
Haichong Zhang
  • Assistant Professor Robotics Engineering
Professor Zhang is the founding director of the Medical Frontier Ultrasound Imaging and Robotic Instrumentation (Medical FUSION) Laboratory. ... View Profile