Experts on Genomics

Genomics is a field of science that focuses on studying and understanding the complete set of genes, or DNA, in living things. Scientists use special techniques to read and analyze the DNA of different organisms. They can identify and study individual genes, as well as understand how genes work together to create complex characteristics and functions.
WPI experts on genomics are working to better understand genomic instability and use genomic tools to identify therapeutic targets for cancer and fungal diseases. The work involves students and faculty in the Bioinformatics & Computational Biology program.The program comprises three academic departments: Biology, Computer Science, and Mathematics. The program uses quantitative techniques to better understand biology and generate meaningful solutions.

Amity L. Manning
  • Associate Professor Biology & Biotechnology
Professor Manning’s research focuses on defining the cellular mechanisms that maintain genome stability in normal cells and understanding how those pathways are corrupted in cancer cells. ... View Profile
Portrait of Reeta Rao
Reeta Prusty Rao
  • Professor & Department Head Biology & Biotechnology
Professor Rao's research focuses on understanding and managing fungal diseases. She uses a variety of biochemical, molecular-genetic, and genomic tools and model hosts to explore fungal virulence and host defense strategies. ... View Profile
Scarlet Shell
  • Associate Professor Biology & Biotechnology
Much of Professor Shell's research centers around tuberculosis. She studies the stress response mechanisms that allow mycobacteria such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis to survive the conditions encountered during human infection. ... View Profile