Experts on global development

The study of global development is about understanding how countries and societies around the world change and develop over time. It explores the factors that influence a country's progress, such as its economy, politics, culture, and social conditions. Global development is a multidisciplinary field, drawing knowledge from subjects like economics, sociology, political science, and geography. WPI experts on global development can speak about their work to create sustainable and socially just approaches to development that take into account factors including the environment, affordable housing, and education. WPI offers academic programs including Science and Technology for Innovation in Global Development, WPI’s programs offer students the opportunity to participate in project-based learning which allows for global research that is tied to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Robert Krueger
  • Professor & Department Head of Social Science and Policy Studies Social Science & Policy Studies
Professor Krueger is a human geographer whose scholarship and teaching focus on creating sustainable, socially just, improvements to development projects in the global north and south. ... View Profile
Profile picture of William San Martín
William San Martín
  • Assistant Professor The Global School
Professor San Martin is a historian of science, environmental change, and public policy. His work examines the history of the science-policy interface to inform contemporary debates on environmental governance. ... View Profile
Sarah Eliza Stanlick
  • Assistant Professor The Global School
Sarah Stanlick, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in The Global School at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. ... View Profile
Elisabeth Anne Stoddard
  • Associate Professor of Teaching The Global School
Professor Stoddard is a human-environment geographer who is interested in the intersection of nature, society, and social justice. ... View Profile
Yunus Dogan Telliel
  • Assistant Professor Humanities & Arts
Professor Telliel teaches a range of courses on ethics, rhetoric, religion and culture, and science and technology studies. ... View Profile