Experts on supply chain

The supply chain crunch is affecting nearly every aspect of the economy. WPI experts can discuss why some of your favorite products are disappearing from store shelves, how small businesses may actually be able to weather the crisis better than the big box stores or e-commerce giants, and why the prices consumers pay will likely keep rising.

Adrienne Hall-Phillips
  • Associate Professor The Business School
Professor Hall-Phillips' research focuses on studying general consumer behavior, with specific interest in topics related to value, engagement, and loyalty in the areas of user experience and entrepreneurship. ... View Profile
Debora Jackson
  • Dean of WPI Business School The Business School
Debora Jackson is the is the Harry G. Stoddard Professor of Management and Dean of the Business School. She is a widely respected business, academic, and spiritual leader. ... View Profile
Sara Saberi
  • Associate Professor The Business School
Prof. Saberi's main research focus is on applying game theory models in different aspects of supply chain management. ... View Profile
Joseph Sarkis
  • Professor The Business School
Joseph Sarkis is a Professor of Management in Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Business School. His teaching and research interests are in the fields of environmental sustainability, operations, and supply chain management. ... View Profile