Experts on Sustainable Materials for the Built Environment

Sustainable Materials for the Built Environment refers to the use of environmentally-friendly materials in construction and architecture to create structures that are more sustainable and have a reduced impact on the environment. These materials are carefully chosen based on factors such as their durability, recyclability, energy efficiency, and their ability to minimize waste and harmful emissions during their production, use, and disposal.

The aim of using sustainable materials is to reduce resource depletion, minimize pollution, and promote the long-term health and well-being of both the environment and the people who inhabit these structures. Examples of sustainable materials include recycled and renewable materials, low-emission building products, energy-efficient insulation, and eco-friendly paints and finishes.

By incorporating sustainable materials into the built environment, building designers and managers can contribute to a more sustainable future by conserving resources, reducing carbon footprint, and creating healthier and more environmentally-friendly spaces for people to live and work in.
WPI experts on sustainable materials for the built environment can speak about the latest advances in this area and their research on the use of these materials in design and construction and on the development of smart materials that can alter their thermal properties to conserve energy and optimize people’s thermal comfort in buildings.

Danielle Lynn Cote
  • Assistant Professor Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Professor Cote is in the Materials Science & Engineering Program with research focused on solid state additive manufacturing (AM) processes, particularly cold spray processing and wire arc AM. ... View Profile
Shichao Liu
  • Assistant Professor Civil, Environmental, & Architectural Engineering
Professor Liu’s research focuses on built and urban environment, occupant-building-environment interaction, and integrated design for sustainable and healthy buildings. ... View Profile
Nan Ma
  • Assistant Professor Civil, Environmental, & Architectural Engineering
Professor Ma is an Assistant Professor of Architectural Engineering at WPI and the founding director of the Laboratory for Healthy, Environmental, and Resilient Buildings (HERB-Lab). ... View Profile
Steven Van Dessel
  • Associate Professor & Director Architectural Engineering Program Civil, Environmental, & Architectural Engineering
Professor Van Dessel's research activities are in the area of sustainable building design and building technology, with a special focus on the study of adaptive building envelop systems. ... View Profile