Nan Ma

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Architecture (Building Technology), University of Pennsylvania
Master of Architecture, University of Melbourne
Bachelor of Environments, University of Melbourne
Expert Bio

Professor Ma is an Assistant Professor of Architectural Engineering at WPI and the founding director of the Laboratory for Healthy, Environmental, and Resilient Buildings (HERB-Lab). Her work is centered around the belief that we have to force a collision among disciplines to achieve two goals: healthy buildings and environmental resilience. She is also committed to understanding the challenges faced by marginalized communities and vulnerable populations, particularly children and seniors, within the context of heatwaves, wildfire smoke, and power outages. Her current projects focus on leveraging data sources (e.g., fieldwork, simulation, and social media) from the built and urban environments to improve indoor environmental (air) quality, human satisfaction, heat resilience, environmental equity, and energy and carbon emission reduction. She can offer interviews, consultations, and consumer tips on architectural design and building retrofits, focusing on sustainable development and integrating the performance goals of energy efficiency, carbon neutrality, and healthy living environments into decision-making. Professor Ma’s unique interdisciplinary approach across building, health, and data and computer sciences highlights the need to engage all kinds of stakeholders to take action and make positive changes in building practices.

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