Experts on wind energy

People have been harnessing wind energy for centuries. Where once it propelled boats, pumped water, and ground grain, today this renewable energy source is being used, to a rapidly increasing extent, to generate electricity. In the United States, the share of electricity generated by wind power has grown from two-tenths of a percent in 2001 to over 9 percent in 2021. With advances in wind turbines, the development of energy storage systems to capture wind-generated power for future use, and the growth in large-scale off-shore wind projects, wind energy is expected to play an even greater role in meeting the world’s energy needs in the decades ahead. Among other topics, WPI experts on wind energy can talk about innovative technology for off-shore wind power and the role of wind and other renewable energy sources in combatting climate change.

David J. Olinger
  • Professor Aerospace Engineering
Professor Olinger's research focuses on using tethered wings and kites in water or air to extract energy from ocean currents, tidal flows, and wind flows. ... View Profile