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Experts on sustainability

Sustainability integrates environmental health, social justice, and economic development to help create diverse, resilient communities today and for generations to come. WPI’s own commitment to sustainability is reflected in its community-built Sustainability Plan and its new Institute of Science and Technology for Development, among other initiatives. WPI experts on sustainability can speak to the ways this concept is applied in diverse fields, including climate change adaptation, sustainable forest management, and the reuse of household waste and metals.

Berk  Calli
Berk Calli
Assistant Professor-Engineering
Robotics Engineering

Professor Calli's main research focus is robotic manipulation and its applications in various domains such as waste recycling, assistive feeding, within-hand manipulation. His lab develops manipulation algorithms by combining... Read More

Laureen  Elgert

Professor Elgert is particularly interested in the environment-development nexus, examining how politics shapes global environmental policy that can have profound impacts on local livelihoods. She has worked in a UNESCO Man and... Read More

Robert  Krueger
Robert Krueger
Professor & Department Head of Social Science and Policy Studies
Social Science & Policy Studies

Professor Krueger is a human geographer whose scholarship and teaching focus on creating sustainable, socially just, improvements to development projects in the global north and south. He has worked in countries in North... Read More

Stephen M. McCauley
Stephen M. McCauley
Associate Professor of Teaching
The Global School

McCauley's interests include climate change preparedness, urban resilience, energy system innovation, community participation in environmental decision-making, citizen science, and GI Science for urban planning. His current... Read More

Brajendra  Mishra
Brajendra Mishra
Kenneth G. Merriam Professor & Director, MPI
Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Professor Mishra focuses on the improvement in resource productivity and environmental stewardship through process and product development of materials using recovery and recycling, introducing advanced alloys and... Read More

Adam Clayton Powell

Professor Powell focuses his research on validated mathematical modeling of metal process development for clean energy and energy efficiency. His research group is developing new projects whose goals are to reduce vehicle body... Read More

William  San Martín
William San Martín
Assistant Professor-Interdisciplinary
The Global School

Professor San Martin is a historian of science, environmental change, and public policy. His work examines the history of the science-policy interface to inform contemporary debates on environmental governance. I specialize in... Read More

Sarah Eliza Stanlick

Sarah Stanlick, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in The Global School at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Her research interests include vulnerable populations, health and human rights, global and local citizenship, and... Read More

Elisabeth Anne Stoddard
Elisabeth Anne Stoddard
Associate Professor of Teaching
The Global School

Professor Stoddard is a human-environment geographer who is interested in the intersection of nature, society, and social justice. She looks at the ways in which farmed animal production can create environmental hazards and... Read More

Sarah  Strauss

Professor Strauss offers a wide array of expertise in health-related aspects of human interaction with the environment. She has studied climate change and sustainability issues focusing on perception and behavior related to... Read More