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Our New Sustainability Plan

WPI has had a Sustainability Plan in place since 2014.  This plan has served as a valuable guide for our sustainability programs and initiatives over the last 5 years. The plan includes a set of goals and objectives to meet our university’s vision for sustainability in four areas: academics, research, campus operations, and community engagement. However, the timeline for this plan is complete, and the time for a new sustainability plan has arrived.

Accordingly, WPI has developed a new Sustainability Plan to help guide our activities over the next five years. The development of this plan started in December of 2019 and was completed in the fall of 2020.  Efforts included: a Sustainability launch event to invite input from the WPI community; a World Café and other opportunities for community input; a set of working groups to develop goals, objectives and tasks; and final report preparation and review. We are thankful for the many WPI offices and community members who have put a tremendous amount of effort into developing the new plan.

We are looking forward to put our new plan into action! A summary of WPI’s new sustainability plan can be found here.  The full report will be available soon.

The Sustainability Plan Launch Event (December 2018)

The work on the new plan started with the Sustainability Plan Launch event in December of 2018. The Office of Sustainability invited the WPI community to this event to solicit input on what sustainability goals and objectives are important to WPI from their perspective.  This input helped focus the preparation of the new sustainability plan under the organization of working groups.

Working Groups (Spring and Summer 2019)

Three working groups were defined in Spring 2018 to develop the main goals or areas of focus within the new Sustainability Plan.  Their efforts include review of broader goals, identification of broad objectives, and definition of more specific tasks. The four working groups and their co-chairs of the groups are as follows:.

Working Group


Campus Operations

Eric Beattie and Siamak Najafi

Academics and Research

Derren Rosbach, Jennifer Wilcox, and Robert Krueger

Community Engagement

Anna Gold and Jennifer Daigle

Sustainability World Café

We held a World Café Sustainability Event in February of 2019.  The World Café is a dynamic and lively meeting structure composed of small group conversations focused on questions that matter. Our conversations for this program focused on the needs, our visions, and our next steps to help further develop our sustainability priorities and objectives as the planning process moves into the final phase.

Final Report Preparation and Review (Summer and Fall of 2020)

The final document was prepared in the summer of 2020 and was completed in the fall of 2020. 

More Information:

Contact us at if you have any questions on the New Sustainability Plan.