Move-in Day

Move-in Day heralds the start of a new academic year
August 24, 2014

The campus was swarming with cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs today, disgorging undergraduates, their parents, friends, and siblings – as well as a few thousand boxes, laptops, pillows, and assorted dorm flotsam as Move-In Day swung into motion.

Members of WPI fraternities and sororities were on hand to assist with unloading and carrying items into the dorms.

Along with the move into their new homes, orientation for the Class of 2018 began at 9 a.m. Freshmen were encouraged to connect their technology to the WPI network and to take a tour of the campus to find their way around. The incoming first year class has the usual mix of high achieving academics, as well as a helicopter pilot, a national table tennis champion and a Revolutionary War re-enactor.

The New Student Orientation program will continue with orientation activities tomorrow (Aug. 25) and run through Wednesday. New students will get to know their classmates and the campus, its history and traditions, as well as informational sessions about academic, social, and extracurricular life at WPI.

A question for students: With all the items students pack for the academic year, what is the most important item for you to bring to WPI?