WPI students moving in

A Piece of Home Away from Home

Students share the significant sentimental items they didn't want to leave at home.
August 30, 2022

This article is one in an occasional series about the people, offices, and services dedicated to supporting WPI students and our community.

Move-in day is always one of the busiest, most exciting days of the year here on Boynton Hill, and August 20's day-long event was no exception. Cheered on and assisted by the WPI community, hundreds of members of the Class of 2026 moved into their residence halls all over campus. In addition to the posters, mini-fridges, pillows, and school supplies, there were also plants, mugs, stuffed animalsand really, what move-in day is complete without a Harry Styles poster?

Our photographers caught up with a few first-year students who took a minute amidst the rush of the day to share the stories behind the pieces of home they brought with them.

Madeleine Hoffman (with Emily Herrera)


The stuffed dog is important to me because I've always treasured my stuffed animals growing up and they've been very sentimental to me, and I didn't want to lose this part of me when I went to college. It makes me smile and it's an extremely cute addition to our room.  

Nigel St. Jean


House plants, and plants in general are significant to me because they allow me to feel connected to nature through the comfort of my own space. They also allow me to test my skills in nurturing life through the analysis of the plants' tendencies. 

Sean Lukas


This is my Jugger-nog mini fridge! I got it as part of a special edition for Call of Duty and it's been with me for a while, so it has a lot of sentimental value. 

Vincent Ramirez


Being able to squeeze my two bikes (into a triple) means I am able to bring a passion of mine into WPI. But the best part is being able to shred the local trails and explore everywhere a bike can take you. 

Natalie Martinez


This item is important to me because it represents the meaningful relationships I created during the Connections program here at WPI. It reminds me of how I created a home here at WPI by finding my people through the Connections program and that will forever be meaningful to me! 

Annie Lopez (right) and Emilly Santos


We are both roommates but our other roommate, Lucy Lannan, had actually brought the poster because she loves Harry Styles. We all decided we wanted to put it up outside of our door so we could meet new people who love Harry Styles as much as we do and for us to look more approachable.

Nathan Cournean


My item was a gift from my sister right before I went away to college. So I feel like it connects me to my family while I'm away from home.


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