Quad Fest

All-American Rejects concert caps off week
April 25, 2014

Quad Fest, WPI’s annual cure for spring fever and pre-finals anxiety, is finally here and caps off with the highly anticipated All-American Rejects concert Saturday, April 26.

As per tradition, the week offers activities, fun, and goofiness. With Quad Fest’s common (and finals appropriate) Survivor theme, there’s something for everyone to let off a little steam.

WPI’s Social Committee (SocComm) is sponsoring and organizing (with several other campus organizations) a week full of events. Christine Girouard, associate director of student activities and SocComm advisor, says there’s a lot going on so students are bound to find something appealing to their sense of adventure or just to their crammed schedules.

Saturday’s concert is the big event of Quad Fest. Known as SocComm’s Big Show, the All-American Rejects concert in Harrington Auditorium follows a tradition of bringing great bands to WPI during the spring. “We’re really excited about this concert,” says Girouard. “The concerts are always high energy and everyone who comes always has a good time.” Half of the WPI proceeds from the show will benefit the Colleges Against Cancer Relay for Life fundraising efforts.

Sophomore David Manhardt, SocComm’s music and comedy co-chair, says the concert takes a good six months to plan because the committee has to decide on the best bands to bring to campus and then go through the planning process to actually get them here. They look for familiar bands that students will get excited about seeing. “The All-American Rejects have the nostalgic factor,” says Manhardt. “People grew up with their music, and we listened to it 10 years ago.”

Doors will open at 7 pm and seating is general admission. The first 1,000 people will be on the auditorium floor and the remainder will be in the surrounding stands. Boston-based Gentlemen Hall opens for the All-American Rejects, who are then expected to take the stage around 8:45 or 9 pm.

The whole week offers fun activities where students can participate to win chances at prizes. There are daily events with Survivor themes like Castaway Island on Wednesday or Friday’s Zombie Run at 5:30 on the Quad. Later, you can relax at the a cappella concert in the Odeum at 7 pm.

To recover from Quad Fest, Sunday, April 27, brings an outdoor movie on a huge screen on the Quad. The Desolation of Smaug begins at 8 pm; in case of rain, the movie will be shown in Harrington.

Once Quad Fest is over, there are still fun activities to help make the last stretch of the term manageable. WPI’s own Food Truck Festival on May 2 offers a variety of food for students to sample on the Quad. From Mexican food to cupcakes, students can refuel with free food and good company.

“This week is really a way for everyone to get one last fun thing in before we buckle down and take finals,” says Manhardt. “It’s the last way for everyone to connect with friends and make some memories.”

Tickets for the All-American Rejects are $10 for WPI students, $15 for consortium students, and $25 for the general public. Concert tickets can be purchased online here.

For more details, check out the SocComm Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/wpicampuscenterandstudentactivities