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Reconnecting with WeConnect Day

March 16, 2022

February 24 wasn’t your typical Thursday; instead of classes, teaching, and work, students, faculty, and staff took time to focus on themselves and those around them in celebration of WeConnect Day. Music, food trucks, crafts, good company—they were all there (along with faculty-student connections, as February 24 was also Academic Advising Day). If you missed it or just want to look at more photos of the miniature horses who visited Higgins House Garden (and really, who can blame you?), we’ve put together a photo essay of the day. 

DoughBoyz crew members serve breakfast to WPI students in the Odeum.

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and DoughBoyz, a breakfast catering startup founded by Justin Amevor ’20, ’22 focused on addressing food insecurity and social justice in the local community, made sure it was the most delicious.


Members of one of the jazz groups on campus perform in the Odeum.

What’s breakfast without a soundtrack from a few members of one of WPI’s jazz groups?


Wole Soboyejo waves among students visiting Boynton Hall.

Boynton Hall was the place to be on Thursday, offering free books and snacks, along with a visit from therapy dog Abby.


Students play ping pong in the Sports & Recreation Center.

Students grabbed paddles for some impromptu ping-pong games.


Members of the Cooking Club make grilled cheeses outside of the Campus Center.

Members of the Cooking Club turned the Rubin Campus Center patio into a grilled cheese superstation, cooking up the classic lunchtime favorite for the afternoon.


A student feeds a miniature horse on campus.

Miniature therapy horses from Lifting Spirits donned their finest crimson and gray (okay, maybe it was more like red and black) and visited students in the Higgins House Garden with a little help from members of the Equestrian Team.


Professor Tahar El-Korchi hosts a breadmaking demonstration in the Odeum.

He may be a professor of civil, environmental, and architectural engineering, but Tahar El-Korchi is also a bread connoisseur—he set up a bread-making demonstration station to share tips on all things doughy with the community. 


Students play board games together during WeConnect Day.

Nobody knows games better than the IMGD program—it hosted an entire afternoon's worth for the WPI community to enjoy.


Students gather to complete puzzles together.

Students worked together to complete jigsaw puzzles throughout the day (fingers crossed for no missing pieces).


Two students, one dressed in a Pikachu onesie, hold their phones up to the camera while playing Pokemon Go.

If you’re not rockin' a Pikachu onesie while playing Pokemon Go, are you really playing Pokemon Go?


Students participate in a yoga session in the Sports & Recreation Center.

On a day filled with so many activities, some students took the opportunity to slow things down with a yoga session in the Sports & Rec Center.


The Gompei statue on the Quad wears a shirt and tie for the virtual career fair.

Gompei switched out his winter sweater for more professional attire in anticipation of the Virtual Spring Career Fair.


A student pets Abby the therapy dog.

Students weren’t the only ones having fun on WeConnect Day—it’s safe to say visiting dogs enjoyed themselves, too!


Steve Bullock and David Spanagel perform songs in the Odeum.

History professors Steve Bullock and David Spanagel treated the community to a musical afternoon of covers and original tunes.


A student picks up a meal from a food truck on campus.

Two words: food trucks.

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