June 07, 2013

TouchTomorrow is on for tomorrow rain or shine!

Wondering what all the buzz is about? Check out this video to learn why you should bring the whole family to WPI on Saturday, June 8. Then get all the details below!


Explore Space, Robots, and More

  •  Meet Captain Stephen G. Bowen, a NASA astronaut from Massachusetts who has completed three spaceflights and seven spacewalks. He will be speaking at 11am and 2:30pm. in the Campus Center Odeum.
  • Come hear Lisa May talk about what it’s like to work for NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution mission program at 12pm in the Campus Center Odeum.
  • Richard Cournoyer ’98 is leaving his mark on Mars. Hear about it at 1pm in the Campus Center Odeum.
  • Check out returning NASA favorites including the Robonaut Hand,MarcBot, Be a Bot, Marc 3 Suit, Rocker-Bogie, and the Starfish tent.
  • Take a step into the future as you build and launch a virtual model of NASA’s Space System Launch rocket—the real rocket will take off in 2017 and will bring explorers as far as Mars. Check it out all day in the Sports and Rec Center.
  • Experience NASA’s Lunar Quest, a simulated trek across the moon’s surface using satellite imagery and while you’re there walk on the moon – the Lunarscape floor.
  • Rock out to a Robot Band. The band will be on the main stage a few times during the festival at 1pm and 3:30pm. Professor Scott Barton’s Music, Perception, and Robotics Lab and EMMI designed and built the robots that will be performing.
  • Watch what happens to Peeps inside a real vacuum chamber.
  • Make your own slime! Combine a few basic ingredients to make this unique substance that has qualities of both a liquid and a solid.
  • Play Pop fly, the football game with a twist. Take a ping pong ball, paint stirrers, a wooden spool, and tape. Add your foot and ready, set, launch!
  • Discover an enlightening and delicious way to explore numbers withM&M® Math.
  • Learn about the lifecycle of a star, craft your own flying devices at the paper airplane station, and design a device to protect a waterballoon brain.
  • Challenge your peers to see how long you can keep a specially designed bubble in the air.
  • Get your hands on innovative research from WPI
  • Meet Archie, a PR2 (personal robot) that is spurring advances in human-robot collaboration and the use of robots in manufacturing in Fuller Labs.
  • Be a Citizen Scientist. Learn how to test soil for worms, what happens when bones break, and discover why some people love cilantro and others don’t – all inside Goddard Hall.
  • Check out medical robots at the Automation and Interventional Medicine (AIM) Lab in Higgins Labs, including a robotic penguin used in therapy for autistic children, a rehabilitation glove for people recovering from strokes, and a robotic arm assistance device.
  • Tour the Assistance Technology Lab, where students and professors will be demoing research devices created to assist people with disabilities.
  • Try out exciting developments from WPI’s robotics teams in Atwater Kent, including mobile robots, intelligent autonomous ground vehicles, and a robot that can mimic human emotion.
  • Visit the WPI Aerospace Engineering tent out on the Quad to see the student-designed micro-aircraft that recently won a national competition.
  • Step into Olin Hall and view a Science Film Festival – Bazinga!
  • Drop in at the Interactive Media and Game Development labs in Fuller Labs to play student-designed video games, watch game trailers,and view student animations.


Engage with local and national exhibitors

Check our exhibits and activities from a variety of organizations along Exhibitor Row (including but not limited to):

  • Coastal Studies for Girls

  • The Discovery Museums
  • FIRST Burncoat Green Reapers robotics team
  • Robot Corporation
  • Maine Aviation Career Education (ACE) Academy
  • The Museum of Science will present “Super-Cold Science” on the main stage at 11:30am and 2pm.
  • National Grid
  • New England Air Museum
  • Science from Scientists
  • VEX Robotics, Inc.
  • VEX Worcester Tech team

Learn more at http://wp.wpi.edu/touchtomorrow/