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Matt Burgos

The Global South is facing a host of critical issues and important opportunities, and African leaders, the World Bank, and the United Nations have identified STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education and accompanying research as a priority for the region. To help foster convergence, initiate action, and provide resources for scientists, policy researchers, humanists, engineers, and STEM educators around the globe, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and De Gruyter are launching The Integrated Global STEM Publishing and Education Initiative.

The initiative, consisting of a new journal, a book series and virtual and in-person educational events, will provide a platform for STEM in the northern and southern hemispheres, initiating action and providing resources for scientists, policy researchers, engineers, and STEM educators worldwide.

The Integrated Global STEM Initiative is open to contributors from academic and corporate institutions worldwide, bringing together critical and timely research with local scientific approaches. The purpose of this project is to generate solutions and innovations that tackle urgent global issues across a range of life-supporting fields.

The activities and publications of the initiative will consider the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Topics include basic infrastructure, engineering, environment, food production, green chemistry, health, manufacturing visibility and accessibility, smart technology, sustainable development and energy.

The initiative will be led by Professor Robert Krueger, Director of WPI’s Institute of Science and Technology for Development (InSTeD), and Head of the Social Science and Policy Studies Department and Wole Soboyejo, Senior Vice President and Provost WPI. Cynthia Allegrezza, of WPI’s Social Science and Policy Studies Department, will serve as managing editor.

The first two titles, Smart Villages and Science, Engineering, and Sustainable Development will be published this fall.

“We are thrilled to launch The Integrated Global STEM Publishing and Education Initiative in collaboration with Worcester Polytechnic Institute,” said Daniel Tiemann, Vice President, STM at De Gruyter. “The dissemination of knowledge and innovation is critical to addressing the pressing challenges of our time in both the northern and southern hemispheres. We are proud to be joining forces with a highly respected partner like WPI to create a platform that promotes peer-to-peer scientific exchange and collaboration and provides knowledge resources to address these pressing global issues.”

“We’re excited to work with De Gruyter on a series that we believe will foster greater global knowledge, perspective, and action and will help support deeper understanding that science, policy, culture, and education exist globally,” said Robert Krueger. “STEM has the power and potential to create better life experiences for people everywhere through sustainability, economy, innovation, education and learning, and self-sufficiency.”