Chemical Environmental Management System (CEMS)

WPI’s Office of Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) is in the process of implementing a new campus wide chemical inventory and learning management system.  The platform for this effort is called UNHCEMS. When fully implemented, CEMS will allow faculty, students, and staff to complete online safety training, review chemical inventory, search Safety Data Sheets (SDS’s), opt-in to share chemicals with other researchers, and generally improve WPI’s ability to reduce hazardous waste and achieve sustainability goals. 

For more information or to read a full description of the benefits and features of the CEMS system, please visit the following URL:

Office Location: Facilities Building - 37 Lee Street
Phone: 508-831-5216

To request chemical inventory services please email

Hazardous waste container pick-up requests can be made online throught the CEMS system (


PHASE 1 - CHEMICAL INVENTORY Expected roll out date: January 2019-August 2019

Phase 1 of the overall CEMS implementation process will be for EHS staff to conduct a campus wide chemical inventory.  EHS staff are currently focused on two efforts regarding the inventory process.  The first effort is inventorying all newly purchased incoming chemicals while the second effort is inventorying existing chemicals.  Those who have ordered chemicals recently may have noticed that the container has been labeled with a “WPI CEMS” barcode.  This barcode is very important in the inventory process and needs to stay with the container until it is empty and ready for disposal. 

It is the responsibility of ALL WPI chemical users and owners to maintain a complete and accurate inventory of hazardous materials used or stored in space they are responsible for.  WPI community members may view chemical inventories or request access to CEMS by visiting the following URL:

PHASE 2 - Learning Management System (LMS) Expected roll out date: July 2020

Phase 2 of the implementation plan will include the release of the CEMS Online Safety Training module and Learning Management System and many other useful tools for the WPI research community.  

CEMS Manager Information

Phone: (508) 831-5298