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Proper management of the hazardous waste generated in a lab is not only the right thing to do: it's also the law. This waste is regulated at the federal (EPA) and state (DEP) level. Here are a few of the most important issues of managing hazardous waste in a laboratory.


All Hazardous waste containers must:

  • Be secure and in good condition
  • Be compatible with waste.
  • Have a screw cap - no corks or rubber stoppers.
  • Be kept closed at all times unless waste is being added.


  • Symbols and formulas are not allowed. The chemical names must be written out.
  • Check-off the appropriate hazard box
  • Enter the date only when the container is full or when the container is ready for pick-up.

* Do not transport hazardous waste from your lab

* Contact EHS at 508-831-5216 or via e-mail,, to arrange to have your waste picked up. Or, if you have any questions about the proper management of hazardous waste in the laboratory.