Laboratory Safety Rules


All personnel working in labs must be trained in safe work practices by the lab supervisor.


An accurate hazardous materials inventory must be maintained. Order chemicals in quantities for short-term use. An SDS should be available for each hazardous material in the lab. Email for copies.


Each container must have a proper label with the chemical name. Manufacturers labels may not be removed or defaced on primary containers.

Office Location: 37 Lee Street - 105B

Store Safely

Segregate incompatible hazardous materials and place in a safe storage location. For assistance email

Ensure Area Safety

Use fume hoods when using or producing flammable, toxic or odorous vapors. Know where emergency equipment is located and how to use it.

Use Protective Equipment

Wear the appropriate protective equipment, such as gloves, safety goggles and respiratory protection. Choose equipment compatible with the hazard.

Minimize Haz-Mat Use

Use non-hazardous or less-hazardous materials whenever possible. Design procedures to minimize the production of hazardous wastes.

Obtain Authorization For Special Hazards

Obtain authorization from EH&S Office prior to using explosives, radioisotopes, carcinogens or infectious agents.

Respond To Emergencies

Any spills or accidents which result in exposure to individuals or a release outside the lab must be reported to EH&S. Call Campus Police, x5555.

Dispose Properly

Hazardous materials to be discarded must be clearly labeled, and placed in sealed, secure containers. Email for assistance.