Engineering Ambassadors

Partner with WPI today to sponsor the Engineering Ambassador program, and together we can strengthen your organization and fortify your talent pipeline. 

Part of the WPI mission is to inspire young diverse minds by reaching as many middle- and high school students as possible. By introducing young students to the principles of engineering in a dynamic hands-on environment, WPI’s specially trained engineering ambassadors teach students to innovate and engineer at a very young age. When your company sponsors WPI Engineering Ambassadors: you inspire and empower top-level college student leaders, you provide middle and high school students with strong STEM role models through impactful hands-on experiences, and you gain a direct recruitment pipeline to world-class talent.

WPI Engineering Ambassadors Are the Best and the Brightest

WPI Engineering Ambassadors are chosen through a rigorous application process, with only one in five high-level talent applicants accepted. This intense vetting process ensures your organization receives the best and brightest of today’s young engineering minds.

Kids Love the Engineering Ambassadors

This was an amazing experience for our TRIO Talent Search scholars, and I know this trip left a lasting impact on them in terms of being able to see themselves as students on a college campus. Perhaps you will see some of them in the future as freshmen!
  • John W. McCormack Middle School
  • UMASS Boston Project REACH
We had an AMAZING time. It really was fun and the kids will be starting their own projects in a week or so.
  • Bancroft School
Why sponsor the WPI Engineering Ambassador program?
  • Partner with WPI to help meet the world’s ever growing demand for knowledgeable and skilled STEM professionals
  • Invest in a multi-year pipeline of talent and gain direct recruiting access to world-class STEM graduates 
  • Earn the unique option to run a Summer Internship program with your Engineering Ambassadors 

Sponsorship greatly impacts our program by providing exceptional opportunities and essential funding. 

What are the sponsorship levels?

Contact WPI today to customize your Engineering Ambassador program. Depending on your organization’s goals, interest and size, our team will develop a tailored program to meet your needs. 

To learn more about sponsorship levels, please contact the Corporate Partnerships Office at

How do I get started?
  1. Schedule a meeting to discuss your company’s interest 
  2. Solidify sponsorship (February) 
  3. Student selection happens in March (WPI) 
  4. Training and program launch to schools – Fall 
  5. Potential internship the following summer 


To learn more about how your organization can sponsor an Engineering Ambassador program, please contact the Corporate Partnerships Office at

Are you a student interested in becoming an Engineering Ambassador? Learn more about program requirements and how to apply.