Employer Policies


The WPI Career Development Center (CDC) expects our employer partners to abide by industry-standard practices, presented by the National Association for Colleges and Employers' (NACE) Principles for Professional Practice, as students and alumni are recruited from the institution. Some specific policies to note at WPI to supplement the Principles for Professional Practice are included here.


Non-Discrimination Policy

The CDC at WPI expects our employers to not discriminate based on race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal or state law. By recruiting WPI students and utilizing CDC recruiting services, employers should respect and follow university standards in the recruiting process. The WPI campus community policy on Equal Opportunity, Anti-Discrimination & Harassment, and Sexual Harassment is available online for employers to review. 



Recruiting Services and Job Postings

The CDC reserves the right to deny or discontinue recruiting privileges such as employer status, job postings, on-campus interviews, career fairs, etc. to any organization at any time.

Job Offers

We expect employers of WPI students to abide to the following guidelines concerning the acceptance of job and internship offers.

  • If employers make full-time offers in the summer to their interns/co-ops, we ask that they give students a deadline in mid-October. This allows student candidates to participate fully in fall recruiting activities and to make more informed decisions regarding their future.
  • If employers make internship and full-time offers to WPI students during the fall recruiting cycle (beginning in September), we ask that students be provided with a deadline of November 1st or later. For internship/full-time offers made just prior to and after November 1st, we ask that employers provide WPI students with 2-4 weeks to make a decision.
  • Co-op offers must be agreed to in enough time for students to complete their co-op paperwork. For the spring semester, all student co-op offers must be final and paperwork must be completed by December 1st. For co-ops that are within the fall semester, all paperwork must be completed by August 1st. For all co-op offers, we ask that employees provide WPI students with 1-2 weeks to make a decision.

The WPI CDC expects our employer partners to refrain from any recruitment practice that improperly influences and pressures students regarding job offers. Such practices may include, but are not limited to, unreasonable time pressure for acceptance of employment offers, encouragement of revocation of another employment offer, and "exploding offers"/reduced offer package incentives as penalties for students.

If an employer is in a position to rescind or defer an offer for employment, the WPI CDC highly recommends that the employer read the position statement made by NACE regarding these types of situations to understand the risks and alternatives.

Confidentiality and Non-Solicitation

All organizations utilizing the WPI CDC's services for recruiting agree to maintain full confidentiality of personally identifiable information in regards to student data. Student confidentiality must be maintained regardless of source (electronic applications, career fairs, interviews, etc.). By utilizing the CDC's services, employers agree to use information only for open positions inside that organization and may not share with any other source. For this reason, career fairs, on-campus interviews, and other services are only available to organizations hiring for internships, co-ops, or jobs within their organizations. Additionally, the CDC at WPI will not post jobs, internships, or co-op opportunities that require students to promote/solicit products on campus or recruit other students for those purposes.

Student Behavior and Other Expectations

Should an employer find an interaction with a student to be questionable, concerning, or inappropriate, we would ask that the employer contact the CDC Executive Director at 508-831-5260.

Any individual who violates the expectations outlined here may be barred from access to recruiting services (WPI's Handshake system, Career Fairs, On-Campus Interviews, etc.) provided by the CDC, for their account or their business, at the discretion of the CDC Executive Director.