Post a Job, Internship/Co-op


Employers and corporations are encouraged to submit any open job, internship, or co-op positions for consideration by WPI students and alumni.


WPI has an online job board system that allows companies to post opportunities for free. Handshake is used by WPI students and alumni to find full-time, part-time, internship, and co-op opportunities. To post these positions, click above to log-in or register for a Handshake account and connect with WPI. You will be able to post positions at our institute as well as other universities you are connected with. To post a job on behalf of your company, click Job Templates on the left-hand navigation bar and select the New Job tab on the top right corner of the screen. For additional information on how to set up a Handshake account and post a job, check out our employer FAQ document on our employer resources page.  

The Career Development Center (CDC) online database is your one-stop portal to manage recruiting efforts within WPI. Students and alumni find great value in this tool, and can easily access information about your organization including job postings, company information, and links to social media.

Different Job Types

  • Due to WPI’s curriculum, students are already familiar with a rigorous, fast-paced, and ever-changing environment and are also prepared to contribute to a team environment.
  • A majority of positions start in the summer after WPI’s May Graduation (option for post-December graduates as well).
  • Recruiting tends to start in September for May graduates.
Summer Internships
  • Apply knowledge to typical work environment.
  • Evaluation based on short-term projects and daily activities.
  • Early May-Mid August.
  • All students eligible.
  • Paid full-time position in a career-related work experience; learning environment.
  • 4-8 month duration (January-August or May-December) with shorter options (March-August or May-October) available.
  • Open to undergraduate students from all majors coming back to classes; Graduate students participate independent of process at WPI.

Internships and Co-ops

Each year, hundreds of WPI students participate in internships and co-ops to explore career options, gain real-world experiences, and earn income. Offering students internships and co-op opportunities allows you to engage students early in the job search to work with new talent while identifying best fits for future full-time hires. For additional information and average hourly wage information, download our Internship and Co-op FAQ sheet below.