Custodial Services

The goal of Custodial Services is to provide the highest level of cleanliness by insisting on a safe and healthy environment for the WPI community. The success of this goal requires the continual re-assessing of buildings, products, techniques and staffing. There are several ways in which this goal is being achieved.

We use environmentally friendly equipment of the newest technology, such as vacuums that have filtration systems which will filter down to 0.5 microns. This equipment helps reduce allergy discomfort and helps to provide improved air quality throughout WPI's facilities. We use only environmentally friendly cleaning products on campus. We also educate our staff on the proper use of disinfectants and other chemicals, which helps to reduce lost time due to common seasonal illnesses.

Education, equipment, and enthusiasm are the foundation in providing a healthy environment to the WPI community.

Location: 37 Lee Street
Phone: 508-831-5500
Fax: 508-831-5855

Custodial Service

Hours & Policies

Custodial hours are from 5:00am to 11:00pm Monday through Friday. During these hours, the WPI community will not incur additional costs for setup and breakdown of meetings and seminars for groups under 50 people. Programs for groups over 50 people may incur setup charges in addition to rental charges. Please contact the Events Coordinators office at 508-831-6150 for applicable charges.

Events, meetings, seminars and conferences held outside the hours noted above will incur an additional charge for custodial services.

Groups using the same venue back to back requiring separate setups will share in the total cost of setup and breakdown and any additional cleaning charges.

If you find that you need to move furniture around in a room, we ask that you to return the room to its original setup. If the room is not returned to its original condition, a reset charge will be billed.

Cleaning Schedule


Restrooms, Trash Containers, Entry Glass, Butt Urns, Chalkboards, Water Fountains, Classrooms

Three times a week

Public Areas Main Stairs, Entryways, Hallways, Department Main Offices, Conference Rooms, Labs

Twice a week

Private Offices, Side Stairwells, Buffing Corridors, Dust Sills and Railings in Public Spaces


Dust Sills in Offices, Light Fixtures, High Dusting, Spot Wall Washing


Strip and Refinish Resilient Tile, Carpet Cleaning, Exterior Window Washing

Special Cleaning Requests

On occasion it is necessary to clean areas more frequently due to an inordinate amount of traffic, spills or any other accidents. When this occurs, we are willing and able to assist in correcting these problems. Communication of this type of request should be made through the Work Order System (please see Accessing SchoolDude).

Students living in Residential Halls must submit work orders through their RA's.

Cleaning during the Cold and Flu Season

The Facilities department takes a proactive approach to cleaning. In addition to our normal routine with safe, but powerful hospital grade disinfectant, we utilize disinfectant wipes for greater surface impact. Furthermore, we use a fogging machine, which uses mist to disinfect.  The mist process allows for greater surface contact and product dwell time. 

Examples of touch points, or high traffic areas, that are disinfected include building entrances, (Handicap)push plates and handles, elevator buttons (inside and outside), stairwells, water fountains, office doors, light switches, classroom/lecture hall desks and tables, conference room tables, etc

Recycling Program

WPI currently recycles office mix paper, plastic, aluminum and glass, cardboard, metal, and electronics. This past year the WPI community recycled 189 tons of office mix, cardboard, paper, electronics, and cans, glass, and aluminum. These numbers are very encouraging; however they represent only 25% of WPI's total waste stream. Recycling is important to our environment and to future generations, and we ask that the entire community do their part. The Department of Facilities will continue to lead the recycling efforts on campus. Staff or students who are interested in volunteering to be an eco-rep in their campus building are encouraged to send an email stating their interest to

Office Mix: Facilities provides a small recycling container for each office on campus. In these containers you can place all office mixed paper, computer paper, envelopes, newspaper, magazines, telephone books, card stock, file folders and manila envelopes. You may not dispose of food wrapping, wax paper, coffee cups, tissues, paper towels, plastics or vinyls in these containers.

Cardboard: Corrugated cardboard can be picked up by your building custodian. Cardboard can also be left off by the large tote recycle containers which are in all campus building. Pizza boxes or food wrapped cardboard containers are not allowed.

Metal: Metal is picked up by appointment only. A Facilities Work Order must be submitted (please see Accessing SchoolDude). We ask that you discard all non-metal parts before pickup.

Computer monitors and TV's: Computer monitors and TV's can no longer be placed in the normal waste stream. To dispose of a monitor or TV, please submit a Facilities Work Order (please see Accessing SchoolDude).

Chalking Policies

Recognized student organizations may advertise events of campus-wide interest with chalk on outside areas only - specifically, sidewalks and the Quad brick walkway. Campus-wide events include any event open to all students as well as fraternity and sorority events. Each organization is responsible for removing the chalk within one week after the event takes place. All chalk must be washable "sidewalk" chalk, not classroom board chalk.

There are areas on campus that are designated as "No Chalking Areas." These areas include:

  • Vertical surfaces, such as the side of a building and light poles
  • Trash cans
  • Steps
  • The seal on the Quad
  • Any sitting area (wood or brick)

Groups will be charged for cleaning if:

  • Chalking occurs on any prohibited areas identified above
  • Advertising is for something other than a campus-wide event
  • The chalk is not removed within one week after the event

The minimum charge for any cleaning will be $45 for each separate location.

Informational Flyers and Posters

Informational fliers and posters are allowed to be posted on corkboards provided in the buildings. The building custodian will remove all fliers and posters placed on doors or walls. Faculty may post office hours and other academic related items on their office doors. Available through the Events Office, sandwich boards or easels may be used to advertise meetings and events on campus. Department Heads may request that additional corkboards be installed in their department through the Facilities Services work order system.

Painting or Marking Glass

Advertising on campus by painting or coloring glass surfaces is not allowed in any academic, administrative, or residential spaces on campus. Any group violating this policy will incur a cleanup charge based on an overtime rate of $45 per hour with a 4 hour minimum charge. The Campus Center is considered an exception to this policy and groups need to contact the Campus Center Director for advertising policies related to the Campus Center.