Events Support

The Facilities Office works closely with the Events Office on a daily basis to ensure the success of events here on campus. To minimize duplications and ensure all requests are accounted for, please make sure to direct requests to the Events Office including requests for additional resources. They will enter work orders if necessary.

Please be aware that last minute requests cannot be guaranteed. Events are generally finalized ten (10) days in advance, so any requests made later than that will be completed based on available resources and labor.

Please note the following policies for advertising events:
- Informational fliers and posters are allowed to be posted on corkboards provided in the buildings. The building custodian will remove all fliers and posters placed on doors or walls. Faculty may post office hours and other academic related items on their office doors. Available through the Events Office, sandwich boards or easels may be used to advertise meetings and events on campus. Department Heads may request that additional corkboards be installed in their department through the Facilities Services work order system.

- Recognized student organizations may advertise events of campus-wide interest – including any event open to all students as well as fraternity and sorority events – with chalk ONLY on sidewalks and the Quad brick walkway. Each organization is responsible for removing the chalk within one week after the event takes place. All chalk must be washable "sidewalk" chalk, not classroom board chalk. Groups will be charged for any chalking that doesn’t follow these guidelines.

Any other questions, please contact the Events Office by phone at 508-831-5613 or by email.